5 Ways on How to Get a Job Remotely with a Startup

May 21, 2022
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Why Apply for a Remote Job?

If you are looking to apply for a remote job this 2020. What's really appealing about landing a job that allows you to work remotely? There are 3 significant reasons: the flexibility of the schedule-no, more worrying about a parking space or gas when travelling to the office, no more worrying about waking up too early to beat the other commuters. You have more time for sleep and breakfast, daily routine and coffee to jumpstart your day. A remote job may work for some as it saves them a considerable amount of time spent for commuting, money for the transportation and food allowance, and it even saves them from distractions due to stress in the workplace.

What is the Downside of Landing a Remote Job?

Landing a remote job may be a dream come true for some, but it entails self-motivation, discipline, and focus. Without passion and dedication, it could also be risky and costly, and it could also cause unproductivity. The downside of working remotely can cause loneliness for some as it decreases sociability to interact with other people as compared to working onsite. Others seem to overwork or underwork when they see their laptops and working devices at home. Sometimes it makes it harder for team workers to get together and organise team building and other social activities which can also cause burnout.

What to Consider Before Applying for a Remote Job?

Go ask yourself if you have what it takes before plunging into the world of remote work. Do you have the qualities of self-discipline, self-motivation, and focus? Are you sure you can submit your deliverables on or before the deadline or do you easily unwind into laziness and other distractions that keep you from finishing your work? Getting a remote job is like being self-employed. You need to be self-motivated to get the assignment done as required. Think of what drives you to accomplish your target goals each day. With this kind of thinking, it's a win-win for you and your employer.

The ideal remote workers are those who work with passion and dedication. The end product of this passion and commitment could be seen in the outcome of their job and the work they submit. Passionate remote workers tend to look forward each day to accomplishing great stuff in their careers, and they look forward to improving their productivity every day. Getting a remote job allows you to live your life creatively according to the way you want, and it will feel like you're hardly working even if you are hard-working. Go on self-reflection and ask yourself if you're sure about applying for a remote job and make sure it fits your personal goals and values as well as if it fits your lifestyle. Once your answer is yes, the next step is to search for ways how to get a job remotely with a startup. Here are 4 ways:

1. Define your end goal.

You need to decide whether you want to start your own startup business or to join a full-fledged distributed company that hires remote workers. Whatever you decide and then start your research about the specific industry, culture, and work environment of these companies that hire remote workers. For example, if you like art and design then you can explore to become a UX designer. 

2. Research companies that hire remote workers.

Know exactly where to find these companies and make a pipeline. Create a list of the names of companies that hire remote workers and check their websites. Understand and distinguish if the company you are applying for is a fully or partially distributed company. Distributed companies don't have a physical office where you can work onsite. A fully distributed company employs 100% of their workforce remotely. On the other hand, a partially distributed company has one or more of its employees who work remotely.

3. Evaluate your skills.

Ask yourself: "What are my skills set?" or "What skills do I have to offer that will benefit the company?" For instance, I'm an HR Consultant from a pharmaceutical company, in my spare time, I write for the company's newsletter and work with the marketing team for announcements and product launches. It's not what I have to do for work, but it's more of a hobby and my personal interest. The point is, know what you really love to do and just do it. "What jobs do employers need for their workforce?"

4. Make Yourself Known.

Let them know why you will be an asset to the company and why should they hire you. Most notably, be yourself and simply be genuine. Aside from preparing your CV and covering letter, make sure you are always ready with your work samples and portfolio. However, interviewers will also want to make you think outside of the box.

When you are asked what you do during your spare time, tell them your hobbies. Do you have a personal blog? Do you manage your own online shop? Don't be scared of showing them what you're really like.

5. Where to Find these Amazing Remote Jobs?

Good question. There are several job portals out there that are searching for potential remote workers just like you. Here's the following list:

  • UpWork
  • Remotive
  • FlexJobs
  • Outsourcely
  • AngelList
  • Remote.com
  • WeWorkRemotely

What qualities employers are looking for in a remote worker?

Most employers are looking for remote worker candidates who are passionate about what they do and trustworthy one. Notice that during your initial interview, the interviewer is interested in how you react to certain situations and how you handle specific scenarios. They are interested in getting to know you and how you are suitable for the candidate they're looking for. They evaluate your answers if they exhibit passion and dedication in what you do. Companies are looking for those candidates who can understand problems and who can work collaboratively with their existing team as well as their own with minimum supervision.

Getting a job remotely is not that hard if you put your mind into it, it is not for the half-hearted individuals. When you apply for remote work, make sure that the company values and goals are aligned with yours. If you focus and prepare for your applications, there are good reasons that you will get the first job as working remotely.


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