7 Reasons Why a Workflow Management Tool Could Help your Tech Startup Stay On Top Of The Game

July 15, 2022
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Having the right workflow management tool can help prevent the risk of mismanagement or chaos on some aspects of your tech startup. With the increasing growth of startups and small businesses nowadays, you need to keep up with the advancement of technology to stay on top of the game. It is also crucial to always have a strategy or a plan to make a wise, on-the-spot decision when handling things. So, as part of executing a wise strategy, it is important to equip your business with the right tools. Why use this workflow tool?

This article will discuss why a workflow management tool could help your tech startup succeed and stay on top of the game. There are seven reasons:

  1. This tool organises your projects and tasks at hand
  2.  It saves the trees because it is paperless
  3. It eliminates repetitive tasks
  4. A workflow organising tool enables faster approval process 
  5. This tool provides transparency and great insights
  6. It boosts employee engagement and team productivity
  7. It promotes collaboration

7 Reasons Why A Workflow Management Tool Could Help Your Tech Startup Stay On Top Of The Game

  1. Workflow management tool organises your projects and tasks at hand  

To achieve faster progression and completion of tasks on your project, a workflow management tool helps you track the progress of each task so your tech startup can stay on top of the project. It gives you the visibility of the entire business process flow and the delegated tasks to complete and show the status if they are pending, for approval, completed, or approved. Using this tool aids your team to manage the workflow effectively and seamlessly. 

Organising your tasks and showing its status tells you which one is to prioritise or which is supposed to be completed first, since each task is important but has different deadlines. Also, using this tool leads to team productivity.

  1.  It saves the trees because it is paperless

Using a workflow management tool is paperless because you will just need your computer to manage the workflows and do things like delegating tasks, notifying team members of product or design changes and other updates, and saving digital files. Its automation will allow you to set up the processes and run by themselves. Since some processes could be automated, it will save you time so you can focus more on other activities or areas of your business that need your immediate attention.

Save the trees and help your own business to flourish at the same time. Veer away from the clutter that paper brings due to files, drafts, and manual planning to execute your strategic initiatives.  

  1. It eliminates repetitive tasks

It is a cost and a liability to spend paying employees unnecessarily with the same repetitive or redundant tasks. The use of a workflow management tool prevents this mistake from happening. It uses a system that eliminates the tendency of repetitive and mundane tasks by automatically assigning tasks to employees.

It will also show you the critical points on each activity like who are the participants that should work on a task, what are the specific instructions? When is the deadline, and what is the status of the activity (is it pending? completed? for approval?)

  1. A workflow management tool enables faster approval process 

Save your time and effort when using this paperless tool that will enable you to receive feedback and approvals from your teammates, or even from your clients. This works best especially for tech startups with a team of designers and developers.

The system will notify your team members and even your clients instantly whenever you make changes on the design or the prototype, get ready for a comment or a feedback from a colleague or be ready with your client's approval. This means there is no need for you to wait for a client’s signature for approval. Some platforms provide an eForm or electronic form for faster approvals, while some are just automated and will just simply notify your client, so they are prompted to respond for feedback and approval.

  1. This tool provides transparency and great insights

Staying on top of the game means your company is leading the industry and you are in control with the visibility or the bird's eye view of the entire business processes. Using a workflow management tool gives a feeling of trust to your employees since micromanagement is reduced by executing this strategic tool. With this tool it specifies employees' roles to complete the processes and the transparency gives the sense of efficiency or how effectively your team meets its goals and deadlines. It also gives you an insight regularly regarding what is happening within processes and who are the people involved or is going to work on such processes.   

  1. It boosts employee engagement and team productivity

Assigning tasks using the workflow management tool is based on an employee's strengths or skill sets. By delegating tasks to right people with their specialization, productivity increases and employees are more eager and engaged to work happily. 

If changes are made on a document, a project design, or any file shared, you can still view the previous or the original file shared in the platform so, do not worry about missing out revisions.  

  1. It promotes collaboration

With many tech startups working remotely, a workflow collaboration tool will be very useful for communication. Not only does it improve work culture but also, this tool allows you to meet your business goals faster by communicating while working together on a project in the same platform. This will prevent distractions from other communication tools; hence, increases every employee’s productivity. 


When keeping the team organised, engaged, and productive was once a 

a bit challenging, the emergence of a digitized workflow management tool solves these problems from tech startups by eliminating redundancy, organising your company processes, delegating tasks, and allowing team members to collaborate while working together in the same platform. Hopefully this article has emphasized the importance of using the right business tool for the success of your startup. 


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