Category: Productivity

3 Hacks to Help Your Startup Cope During Recession

We are all having a rough time early this year when COVID-19 impacted all our businesses and jobs that pose a threat to a global economic recession. Not only are those big companies being affected by this pandemic but also, the most affected are the small business owners or startups that are less stable financially. […]

Athar Majeed on May 21, 2022
Messages from a Healing Coach - how to maintain your relationship while running your startup

I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur for nearly my entire life. It hasn’t been easy to maintain my work-life balance. On the contrary, it’s been downright challenging. If you want to keep your marriage intact and create a successful business, listen up. It takes work. It takes setting boundaries. It takes love. My name is Puja […]

Athar Majeed on April 17, 2022
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