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What Are the Challenges Faced By Teams When Remote Working?

Remote working benefits tech startups and businesses. However, it also comes with a number of challenges. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees were forced to work from home to prevent the spread and exposure to the virus. As a result, numbers of remote workers surged, and interviews with HR leaders/managers were conducted to show […]

Athar Majeed on June 9, 2022
5 Ways on How to Get a Job Remotely with a Startup

Why Apply for a Remote Job? If you are looking to apply for a remote job this 2020. What's really appealing about landing a job that allows you to work remotely? There are 3 significant reasons: the flexibility of the schedule-no, more worrying about a parking space or gas when travelling to the office, no […]

Athar Majeed on May 21, 2022
Messages from a Healing Coach - how to maintain your relationship while running your startup

I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur for nearly my entire life. It hasn’t been easy to maintain my work-life balance. On the contrary, it’s been downright challenging. If you want to keep your marriage intact and create a successful business, listen up. It takes work. It takes setting boundaries. It takes love. My name is Puja […]

Athar Majeed on April 17, 2022
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